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Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Wellington, New Zealand
Website:Ianto's Diary


This Journal is going to be the home to my Slash fics that are pretty much all in progress, as well as my original fiction and poetry etc ^_^

Ok So I don't like having rules but for this LJ where stories that mean something to me are being posted I see that they are kind of Essential.
There are only five rules:
~ I won't allow Ljs that have no entries to be friended to this journal.
~Normally each entry will be public for anything from a week to a month before I friend them to give people who want to comment and not add the chance to do just that though I would love it if people added =] xo
~For any entries that are kept public longer than a month they will be changed to friends only on at the end of each year....again it will give people a chance to friend and meme if they wish.
~Reader participation is encouraged. If there is a prompt you want me to consider please comment either in my prompt entry or my master list and if time allows I might be able to work something out.
~ November is NaNo Month....and this journal will always be on hiatus during those thirty days. If I'm not particpating in NaNo there will be an entry before to let the readers know.

Enough with the rules, hope you enjoy my work and comments are really really apprecitated to help me develop my skills :)

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